Thursday, 24 January 2013

Two-tone love & calling all STUDENT BLOGGERS

Ombre/dip-dye and two-tone has been popular for a while now in clothes, nail art and even hair styles. At the moment we are hooked on this fun way of adding colour to every day looks and think ombre pieces are the perfect way to stand out in the city whilst it's covered in snow.
Missguided has been main the source of our amazing ombre finds below but our addiction to ombre forced us to carry this blue toned tee to the tills in Topshop.

 (Topshop, Misguided x3)
 Despite having enough ombre tops to make it through the transition from Winter to Spring, we couldn't help lusting over a number of pieces found online:

Before we go...
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  1. Lovely post and lovely blog :) ...I was thinking that maybe we can follow each other from GFC Facebook and Bloglovin? :D
    New post is up on my blog

  2. Nice ombre finds!

  3. Thank you so much for the comment. :D
    Love ombre clothes and missguided! Nice choices. :)

    xx MJ

  4. Very nice and was what I wanted and expected. Impressed wth quiality and style of great leather jackets I get, feel so stylish when wear this.