Monday, 15 April 2013

The Perfect Jacket for the Perfect Date & Make-up

If you have seen the film Miss Congeniality, you will be familiar with one of my favourite quotes. It might be comical but for me it is also true. When asking a contestant of their perfect date, she replies "I'd have to say April 25th. Because it's not too hot, not too cold, all you need is a light jacket". 
From a style point of view, weather that allows for a light jacket is perfect. There are so many great jackets that can completely change the dynamic of an outfit, as well as your mood.


1. With Spring finally (hopefully) here, prints are easy and stylish to wear. This colourful and casual African print jacket is perfect for the upcoming days spent revising in the library as it adds an easy pop of fun and colour to any comfortable outfit.

2. For cooler days, this fur-lined green jacket is one of the most unique jackets around at the moment and the colour is to die for. This colour can go with any colour jeans and add some colour to a classic biker-chic look.

3. Camouflage has been big this year but it is only just warm enough to pull this thin jacket off in comfort.

4. Monochrome is this season's quickest way to class and will add some sophistication to any look.

5. H&M Conscious Collection can only be a good thing and this embelished jacket from them is both ethical and beautiful. 

6. Similarly to 4, this jacket oozes class and sophistication. It is Chanel-esque at a highstreet price you cannot beat.

 Mac Make-up Masterclass at Make-up London Academy

 Any look is incomplete if you do not follow it through from head to toe. Make-up is not for everyone but is a great form of self-expression that can make a normal day a bit more interesting. Rushing to get to lectures in the morning doesn't leave a lot of time for creativity when it comes to make-up but heading to a Mac Make-up Masterclass at Make-up London Academy in Finsbury Park has prepared me for when I have more time. 

We were taught how to prep the face and apply foundation, before taking part in a workshop that saw us attempt smokey eyes on ourselves. Smokey eyes is a timeless look and works with most outfits. Even though clothes and accessories are the key components to any look, great make-up really is a great finishing touch.

-Hazel, SSL

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Valentines Day

Valentines Day: 

Whether you dread it or you can't wait for it, fashion always offers up something to love at this time of the year...

Valentines day is largely just an excuse to spend money you otherwise wouldn't on teddy bears and roses, why not spend the money on clothes and accessories instead? Treat yourself if you are single and let fashion be your valentine.

  1. Topshop sweater: we're pretty sure most students love Topshop more than their man (even if they won't admit this) and in this weather you can never have enough sweaters. This black and white striped motif is right on trend as well!
  2. KG Kurt Gieger heels: this heels are perfection and would surely get you noticed on Valentines Day. 
  3. Boohoo sweater: even if you have a low budget you can treat yourself for £20 with Boohoo. These edgey roses will look rough and ready chic with ripped jeans and on trend baseball jackets.
  4. Love jumper: What's not to love about this jumper by Love? Those playful hearts on the elbow can subtly hint your celebration of valentines day, or if it all gets too much you can show them to that annoying couple canoodling next to you on the tube while you're trying to read your book.
  5. Charlotte Olympia pumps: if you could fall in love with a shoe, these heels would be the ones. 
  6. Lulu Guinness clutch: we're seeing more and more of Lulu Guinness being paraded around the city and this clutch is why. If you're feeling lippy this Valentines Day, get your hands on this.

Whether you're swamped with assignments, sleeping in your library books or heading out on an enviable date this Valentines Day, we wish all our lovely readers a great day! 

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Two-tone love & calling all STUDENT BLOGGERS

Ombre/dip-dye and two-tone has been popular for a while now in clothes, nail art and even hair styles. At the moment we are hooked on this fun way of adding colour to every day looks and think ombre pieces are the perfect way to stand out in the city whilst it's covered in snow.
Missguided has been main the source of our amazing ombre finds below but our addiction to ombre forced us to carry this blue toned tee to the tills in Topshop.

 (Topshop, Misguided x3)
 Despite having enough ombre tops to make it through the transition from Winter to Spring, we couldn't help lusting over a number of pieces found online:

Before we go...
SSL is looking for more blogs to follow and particularly blogs written by students. If that's you then comment below and we will follow you!

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

New Year, New You, New Shoes

 Happy New Year stylish students! We've been so occupied by essay deadlines of late that we've neglected this blog and for that we apologise. Fear not, though, we've managed to stay stylish whilst we've been busy and expect you to be doing the same. We know that's not good enough and so have made it our resolution to keep on top of! 

Speaking of New Year's Resolutions, we think we have found an easy (and stylish) way to change yourself for the better this year. Forget purchasing that gym membership and head down to the sales and find yourself a new pair of heels! Everyone knows how it transforms you to put on those new pair of heels that make you feel amazing and invincible. Heels can elevate your self-esteem and your height at the same time and at times like this, when we students have exams and essays on our mind, we need every boost we can get. 

As soon as these New Look ankle boots found our feet we felt like we could take on the world in 2013, let alone that 3,000 worder due in two weeks.

Zara have melted our hearts again with these red peep-toe studded pumps. They feel amazing and look even better. If only we could get away with taking these into the library.

Even though we've found two pairs of head-turners to start off the year, we couldn't resist hunting down more. It would be great if every time we were feeling down we could find one of these following six pairs to lift us up again!

  1. With Kate's baby due this year, channel your inner princess in 2013 with these embellished suede pumps by Moschino Cheap and Chic.  
  2. It is our goal for the year to save for these amazing heels by Valentino. We would die for these but it's probably not best to start 2013 at the limit of our overdraft.
  3. These ultra girlish Lady Daf 160 pumps by Christian Louboutin will make this new year a very feminine one.
  4. 2013 could be your sexiest year yet with the help of these by KG by Kurt Geiger. Now only £40!
  5. Zara have put these wedges in the sale to allow a girl to unleash their wild side this year.
  6. For those wanting to be more elegant in 2013, find these classy Louboutins

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Boots instead of Books

All of the deadlines seem to be cropping up at the moment and its getting extremely difficult to be a stylish student in London. The awful weather hasn't helped either, but it has made us think about winter boots.

1. These first Charlotte Olympia pair are number one on our Christmas list and we desperately hope Santa pulls this off... If not we will be camping outside Harrods as soon as we finish Christmas dinner. We can't make up our minds on whether it's acceptable to wear heels to university yet, but these pair definitely give us a good reason to say it is. 
2. Zara have outdone themselves with these studded beauties. They are both practical and stylish so are perfect for cold days spent studying. 
3. These Marc Jacobs wellies are the most stylish wellies we have seen, and the torrential rain over the past week has made us consider buying a pair like this. They'd look great with skinny jeans tucked into them with bright coloured knitwear.
4. We can't get enough of studs and these River Island ankle wedge boots have just the right amount of embelishment to be uni-appropriate. They are a steal for £45!
5. The whole CJG range has been the main focus of our procrastination this week and these heeled suede ankle boots are just one of many shoes from the range we adore. We love the idea of the green 'Charms' soles and hope to see it on the back of many stylish students around the City.
6. New Look has a reduction on these amazing ankle boots right now so if they have caught your eye, head over to their website.

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Bargain Buys

 This beautifully sparkly statement necklace was £6 from Primark and is going to add sparkle to the big chunky knit jumpers we're all going to be forced to wear now winter has arrived. It's a bronze coloured metal chain and so technically can be worn with silver or gold. Perfect!
 These ankle boots are also from Primark, although they look very much like they belong in Zara. For only £18 you can't really go wrong and the stud detail is going to put an edge on all of our outfits.
 The River Island sale has been one of the best for the highstreet stores. African style prints like on this short-sleeved man's shirt is going to cheer us up in this gloomy weather. The price is as cheerful as the print as well- £10.
 Another jumper was needed for the new statement necklace and River Island's £15 deal on this black one was enough to convince us to click buy!

How has everyone else been finding the sales?

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Statement Earrings for Everyone

 Forget about statement necklaces, we are loving the idea of statement earrings at the moment. With the scarves coming out, necklaces are getting covered up and the only way to make an impact with your jewellery is if they are hanging from your ears. Aside from this, this bizarre fog and mist of the past few days  has made us want to sparkle to be seen. Eight pairs have caught our eyes:
  1. Shourouk has become the number one place to go for jewellery and these earrings tell you why. We're loving all of Shourouk's designs and have been dreaming of getting our hands on a pair of these sparklies for a while now. Neon is a fu trend to work at the moment and these bright earings are a great first step to take if you want to be as bright as your hilighters
  2. With Christmas fast approaching, we're loving the colour red in these pair by Miu Miu 
  3. Zara has always been the first port of call on the highstreet for jewellery and the elegant droplet pair are as beautiful as snowflakes.
  4. For those looking for a less formal but still stylish pair, try these Aztec style earrings from H&M  
  5. Stay cultural with Russian inspired ones by our new fave shop in Westfield Stratford Lola & Grace  
  6. Dolce & Gabbana inspired us to make this post and our favourite earrings we've seen are these ornate pair on Net-a-Porter 
  7. Tom Binns  offers a similar style to Dolce and Gabbana but with extra sparkle.
  8. We are loving the glamour of the baroque trend and you can enjoy it too thanks to River Island